WoodSmith Renovations

Providing renovation and handyman services in the Kawarthas

About Us

WoodSmith Renovations is very equipped with Vehicles, Boats and Trailers for moving atools and materials on site, including Water Access Only properties in both Winter and Summer.
Hi, my name is Steve and I started WoodSmith Renovations 11 years ago. My strength is in problem solving…then applying the solutions utilizing an uncommonly wide range of trades’ skills. I spent my summers cottaging on Minden Lake in a simple building built by my family members on a shoestring budget. (Think wooden tent.) I enjoyed helping and learning from family on how to build and fix what we had there. Before long, there were 3 or 4 cottages in our family. It didn’t hurt knowing how to maintain them.
I initially chose a career in Professional Photography in Oak Ridges but I eventually discovered my true passion was in the trades.
That background in Photography enables a unique insight and experience in design elements that few clients expect from a contractor. I found myself working in a large studio building movie sets where creativity was encouraged. We were enabled to try so many different trim and carpentry solutions and styles. I found the ridiculously short life expectancy (a week) of my work frustrating and made the decision to switch careers, and do carpentry for real, for home and cottage owners that expected quality workmanship.
I strongly believe in Function First Designs that are well-built for my clients.
Going home from our own cottage very early one Monday morning, my wife exclaimed….”we’re going the wrong way….why can’t we just live up here?” A few years later, we managed to make Fenelon Falls our home and base location for WoodSmith Renovations in a glorious Century Home with a view of Cameron Lake. The house, a former Catholic Church Rectory, has given me a fine canvas to practice my craft upon.
We’ve managed to grow the business and network with other local trustworthy contractors, so we look forward to hearing from you.